maloon stone

Ax-shaped stone that works perfectly regular and smooth shape, especially the one hand it takes. Badbr rocks in tunnels, bridges, table of walls and paved Badbr and non Badbr use and one of the most important engineering applications, especially in mountainous areas Malone implementation of rubble and stone arches in bridges, ports and vault below stone corridors is consumed.

 سنگ های مالون و لاشه جهت محوطه سازی- پله - نما - آبنما - آبشار  بابیکیو و غیره  مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد  .

  • Year of creation پروژه های سال 89 تا 95
  • Usage enc losure
  • Quality rate A
  • Made from stone
  • Colors

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