(Architectural Design ( AD

SBF's Architectural Design Studio (ADS) was established in 2011 to provide a full range interior and exterior design department for execution of your desired projects.

The major responsibility of SBF's (ADS) with the expertise of the resident architects is summarized in first phase design, the approval of the executed planning, the three-dimensional design of the floor plans, as well as the design of the exterior and reconstruction of the interior.Customer’s expectation evaluation process is among the main services provided at SBF’s ADS. 

Contract Management

 SBF is ready to cooperate with the Management Department of all its investors who are looking to develop quality projects

 SBF ensures a state of peace of mind for its investors by a persistent written and visual presentation of the development process

luxury construction

This company by investing in training the youth power is prepared to develop and manage your proposed projects in variety of situations and conditions. We are pleased to have you as our clients and visitors.


In the past decade our company has undertaken agreements in two major sectors of commercial and residential in particular. However from last year by implementing our new enterprise regulations, we have broadened the area of our investment fields and have created the opportunity to invest in projects within various sectors proposed by the client.


Our consultation services will begin after making a partnership agreement or a development contract and it will continue during the marketing process up until the final sales of the project. Clients are free to independently choose the area of their consultation.