Kimia Residential Complex


100% Physical progress

Kimia Residential Building 

-This building with 2 access levels has 9 residential units,
 where each of its units has panoramic windows creating a fantastic visual connection 
with the city's surface.
The use of stone, wood and antique bricks, plays an exciting role in artistically paying the facade of the complex, and makes the two-sided surfaces in the city's landscape well done.The building is fully smart for solving the conveniency of it residece, and each unit is equipped with completed amenities from top building and construction brands.

-Address: West ghoddoosi blv/ Shahid haghighat st, Alley 13
-No of units: 9 units of 3 bedrooms



  • Building Construction Date 1391-1393
  • Number of Floors 6
  • Land Area 466.36
  • Infrastructure 1776.2
  • حیاط طراحی شده
  • Number of Residental Units 9
  • Number of Commercial Units ندارد
  • Number of Office Units نئارد
  • Number of Units in Residental Floor 2
  • Number of units in bussines floor ندارد
  • Number of units in Office floor ندارد
  • Architecture Type irani
  • Construction Type Concrete
  • View ُStone & Wood
  • Cooling/Heating System Floor Heating & Split
  • Number of Parking Lots 12
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