Hood has many applications. The most important work of removing odors, smoke and steam that occur while cooking. At the same time the fat and moisture sits on the ceiling and walls not clean and the kitchen will remain for a long time. Hood produced in Europe in accordance with today's technology and even exported to other countries.


هود های گام دارای ظرافت در طراحی ، تهویه و مکش قوی و موجود در ابعاد مختلف می باشد . این هودها دارای ضمانت نامه های معتبر ازجانب شرکت سازنده هستند . 

  • Year of creation پروژه های از سال 89 تا 95
  • Usage kitchen
  • Quality rate a
  • Made from steel , glass
  • Colors

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